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Sodium lignosulfonate Certificate of Analysis

Sodium lignosulfonate Certificate of Analysis

   Specification  Test Result



Sodium Lignosulphonate
Appearance   Brown powder  Brown powder
Product Code      GAC-NaLS-1 GAC-NaLS-1
Water-insoluble matter      2.5%max  1.46%
Lignosulphonate      55%min  58.44%
Sugar      Around 7%  7.38%
pH      9-10.5  9.6
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Contract No. 20170331
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Dispatch Date(Loading time) April 29th

sodium lignosulfonate Certificate of Analysis

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Sodium Lignosulfonate uses

Sodium lignosulfonate can be used in many industries like construction,ceramics,dyes,agriculture ,dust supression and so on.

Sodium lignosulfonate used in construction will greatly increase the water reducing capability and increase the strength of the concrete after setting up.Preventing cracking.

Sodium lignosulfonate used in ceramics to increase the strength working as binder.

Also sodium lignosulfonate can work as emulsifier and dispersion agent to increase used for dyes and agricultur and so on.

Most importantly sodium lignosulfonate can work for dust suppression,as its binding capability.Sodium lignosulfonate after spraying to dust can control dust to make it binding together and so on.


Pure Lignosulfonate(Almost no cellulose and sugar content)

Pure lignosulfonate is extracted from pure lignin

Lignin is non water soluble and also not soluble in acidic media.We extract the lignin by acid to get rid of cellulose and sugar .

This is best way to get ready for lignin to prepare for lignsoulfonate.

How to process lignin into lignosulfonate ?According to lignin’s nature ,not soluble in water acidic pH,so we directly treated by alkaline,like sodium hydroxide NaOH  to get sodium lignosulfonate with ph around 9,same way to get the potassium lignosulfonate and ammonium lignosulfonate by treating potassium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide.


Sodium Lignosulfonate

In China most sodium lignosulfonate is extracted from straw and wood chips by alkalined pulping,PH is above 7 insoluble matter is around 2%,lignosulfonate content is around 55%,water reducing capacity s around 5%.

In China pollution control is very strict,the sulfite pulping and acidic pulping is strictly banned,only a few of them is doing.Northeast part is pulping by acidic using weed and some of them are using wood from pine tree.Mid part of China like Gaotang Shandong is extracting by straw pulping,the raw material is from black liquid from paper factory of Quanlin,but not all .Southern part of China is exacting lignosulfonate from sugar cane like Guangxi,the molesis is used for yeast and alcohol ,the wast water is spray dried can get PH acidic,also called alcohol lignin.

For construction ,we recommend lignosulfonate ph around 7 and chloride content less than 10%(some others told less than 8 or 6).

For dispersant agent we recommend to use acidic ,material from acidic pulping or alcohol lignin.

For binder industrial use we recommend to use lignosulfonate from straw ph higher,for feed binder we recommend to use ligsulfonate from weed or molesis.

For dust control we recommend to use acidic lignosulfonate or alcohol lignin.


Sodium lignosulfonate ,sodium lignosulphonate

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Green Agrochem is specilized in lignosulfonate products manufacturing and marketing.Daily production capacity 60-100MT,Established in 2009,total asset USD1.1 million,80 workers,two production line.

Main products are Sodium Lignosulfonate,Calcium Lignosulfonate,Ammonium Lignosulfonate,Magnesium Lignosulfonate,Potassium Lignosulfonate and so on.
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R&D is key to a company especially for chemical company. Now our R&D is organized by two chemical experts leading a group of practical team members most of them are post graduates, their innovative mind always create a lot of new and interesting goods.
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Every order is strictly required to make history record into computer data bank, especially the sample kept with customer traceable right for 4 years. Accordingly we are responsible for goods quality. As far as goods application we could provide efficient field observer and guidance.